About GetPesa

GetPesa is an online marketplace for personal finance products . GetPesa helps you compare different products such as loans and insurance . GetPesa also keeps you updated with all financial news and trends in the market through our business blog , with GetPesa you are guaranteed the best rates in the market without the need of passing from bank to bank with tedious paperwork , hence our slogan “Saving you Time & Money”

What we do

We provide free, quick and easy to use tools to help everyone understand consumer finance products in Tanzania. Through GetPesa, you can find the right loan by seeing interest rates, rewards, and sign-up bonuses at a glance. In addition to our comparison tools, we provide practical money saving tips for Tanzanians through our blogs, eBooks, podcasts and guides. We work closely with banks and governments agencies to make personal finance accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

GetPesa is committed to helping Tanzanians to find the right personal loans and other financial products with easy -to use self-service comparison tools. In a constantly changing financial landscape, GetPesa strives to provide the most-up-to date accurate data and personal finance guides. Our mission is not only to help Tanzanians find the right financial products, but to empower everyone to make sound financial decisions.

Our Vision

To be the #1 trusted source of information on personal finance and saving money in Tanzania.

Our Commitment

To build the most convenient and comprehensive financial comparison platforms and raise the level of financial literacy in Tanzania.

Our Team

Dave Kahwa

Executive Chairman
Over 15 years experience of Corporate Governance & management consultancy. Multiple startup success including the first Credit Reference Bureau in Tanzania (Creditinfo Tanzania) and 3rd Credit Reference Bureau in Kenya (Creditinfo Kenya).

B.Comm, CISA, MIoD

Imani Alfayo

Product Manager
A digital native with a passion for creating strong brands and immersive interactive experiences.

Fredrick Angello

Quality Lead
All round digital savvy marketer with a product oriented approach towards customer experience and unique channel communications .

Benjamin Edward

Lead Developer & Architect
With a keen interest in Software Engineering & Emerging Technologies. He got introduced to fintech and has developed various fintech applications including GetPesa, an online marketplace for personal finance products.

Our Partners